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SIAA is an acronym name for the Society of Industrial technology for Antimicrobial Articles, and it is a ‘symbol of trust and reliability’ for by consumers. The certificate is issued to antimicrobial products/antibiotics that satisfy the SIAA guidelines, and can be self-issued by the member companies by being supervised by an antimicrobial manager, trained and certified by SIAA.

The SIAA mark bears a dual meaning. One is ‘self-certification’, which that the member companies' self responsibility that is suitable for the SIAA guideline, and the other is ‘assurance of information about quality and safety’, which indicates that the quality and safety information is open for access. Only the regular members of SIAA can use the mark, and the use of the mark in the market is strictly monitored according to the self-management of SIAA. As the third Korean company to join as a regular member of SIAA, and a company that received ISO22196 certification, Bioshield Co., Ltd. creates products whose quality control and information are published according to SIAA guideline.