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Designed Screen Protectors

  • 01. High Quality Printing on LCD Protective Film

    - As the film can strongly withstand the scratches, the printing on the film is
      not easily peeled off.
    - Moreover, the various patterns also offers a satisfying tactile experience
    - Art edition: Collaboration with four renowned illustrators features the
      characters in their works.
    - Color Edition: Any color can be printed on the screen protectors
  • Complete Covering of Curvature

02. About the Artist - Kim, Eun-hae

About the Artist - Kim, Eun-hae

About the Artist - Kim, Eun-hae
Artist Kim, Eun-hae reminisces childhood and expresses its sensibility on the canvas. The children in her paintings seem to represent people's inner-selves prompting us to reflect back on ourselves. She reaches out and awakens people's sensibility through her calm and serene paintings.

03. About the Artist - Jamsan

About the Artist - Jamsan

The Master of Painting, a Concept Designer.
Jamsan is an iconic illustrator who assumes an enviable position in the Korean Illustration scene. His works will take you right into a fairy-tale with their enchanting layouts, and their delicate, exquisite characters. His ability to create mysterious and dreamlike world with beautiful color schemes is absolutely inimitable, making him worthy of the tile, "the one and only."

04. About the Artist - Jam Kim

About the Artist - Jam Kim

Artist Who Awakens Your Personality
Jam Kim is an artist who has been recognized at the Seoul Design Fair. Every single one of his works has a unique personality of its own, and each is a truly versatile work of art. His character-driven works full of personality inspire you to wonder and imagine about your own characters.

05. About the Artist - Hong, Won-pyo

About the Artist - Jamsan

Painting that Tells a Story
Artist Hong, Won-pyo captivates people's eyes with his simple and clean works. People are charmed by the cute and carefree characters in his work, slowly being absorbed in to his world without even knowing it. Now he is sneaking in to your heart, with works that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Any wanted image or statements can be printed.
(Ps. Must have copyright). OEM is also welcomed.