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  Fax : +82-31-751-0851
  E-mail: help@bioshield.kr

  • Designed Screen Protectors
  • 3D Full Cover Glas Shield Air Screen Protector
  • Infrangible PET on glass coated with 6H hard coating

    Infrangible 6H glas shield air screen protector is for curved devices such as Galaxy Note 8 / S8 / S8+ to full cover. With 6H hard coating, it is anti-scratch and with oleophobic coating, it is AFP + oil free. It can be used for long as it is infrangible (no chipping or cracking edges). It is also case-friendly which means it is compatible with the most of the cases.
  • 3D Forming Screen Protectors
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Most Powerful Protection

  • Tempered Glass for iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha have released.
    Bioshield has two different types of tempered glass and they called SUPER GLAS LITE and SUPER GLAS ROUNDED. Basicaaly they have same features such as 9H hardess and hydrophobic coated but thickness for SUPER GLAS LITE is 0.2mm and for ROUNDED is 0.3mm and it means SUPER GLAS LITE is more flexible than ROUNDED. SUPER GLAS ROUNDED has rounded edges which make less chipping or cracking.