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3D Forming Screen Protectors

  • 01. Complete Covering of Curvature

    As Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone6/Plus have released with a curved shaped screen, many PET material LCD protective films could not completely cover the entire surface leaving air pockets in the curved area. Bioshield developed the 3D forming screen protector to cover its curved screen perfectly.
  • Complete Covering of Curvature

  • 02. Clear Screen with High Penetration Ratio

    Not all transparent films show the same sharpness. A 92% crystal clear light penetration ratio ensures that there will be little difference of sharpness compared the to screens without the film.
  • High Penetration

  • 03. Galaxy S6 end iPhone6/Plus

    3D forming screen protector for Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone6/plus are formed in the exact shape of its curved LCD screen to cover the whole surface without any air bubbles.
  • Galaxy S3

  • 04. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2

    Strong yet smooth. The coated surface of Bioshield not only protects the LCD screen but also let users feel the best writing impression. (Galaxy Note2 is covered around 98% of the screen.)
  • Galaxy S3
  • 05. Outstanding Sense of Unity

    3D forming films, available only by Bioshield, can completely cover the curved surfaces to maximize user friendliness and offers complete sense of unity.
  • Galaxy S3