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Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

  • 01. Bioshield, an antimicrobial LCD protective film.

    Bioshield features outstanding antimicrobial performance and safety, with its antibiotics coating and antimicrobial prescribing technology. Use of an antimicrobial product without the verified safety of the toxicity of the antibiotics may harm users.Therefore, Bioshield only uses the antibiotics that are certified against oral toxicity and skin irritation by Japan Food Research Laboratories.

    Korea’s only ISO 22196 certified LCD protective film.
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02. Antimicrobial


  • 03. Clear Screen with High Penetration Ratio

    Not all transparent films show the same sharpness. A 92% light penetration ratio ensures that there will be little difference in sharpness compared to screens without the film. The anti-glare film can strongly resist the fingerprints and stains to prevent glaring of light. It thus reduces the eye fatigue, and also offers the best touch sensitivity.
  • High Penetration

  • 04. 3D Data Based Precise Measurement

    At Bioshield, the accurate and precise 1:1 measurement at the ㎛ level means that nothing is overlooked. As the film is only attached to the areas requiring protection, it is truer to the dedicated functions of the LCD protective film than other competing products.
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  • 05. Silicon Adhesion Technology Ensuring
          Easy Attachment

    The self-adhesion technology enables any users to easily attach the film. Moreover, the dense silicon adhesion means there is significantly less. Pressure with of the adhesive agent even when using a stylus.
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  • 06. Prolonged Use with Single Attachment

    3H hard coating of Bioshield LCD protective film has improved resistance to scratches.
  • Hard Coding

07. Architecture of Bioshield Film

Shows how a great quality Bioshield film is structured.

Architecture of Bioshield Film