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  E-mail: help@bioshield.kr

  • 3D Glas Shield Air Screen Protectors
  • 3D Full Cover Glas Shield Air Screen Protector
  • Infrangible PET on glass coated with 6H hard coating

    Infrangible 6H glas shield air screen protector is for curved devices such as Galaxy S9 / S9+ / Note 8 / S8 / S8+ to full cover. With 6H hard coating, it is anti-scratch and with oleophobic coating, it is AFP + oil free. It can be used for long as it is infrangible (no chipping or cracking edges). It is also case-friendly which means it is compatible with the most of the cases.
  • Glas Shield Air Screen Protectors
  • Infrangible 9H Glas Shield Air Screen Protector
  • Thin, light and flexible with the material of PET on glass coated

  • These days, the trend of the screen protector is changing to the high hardness screen protector from the general tempered glass screen protector while it is easily broken, is thick to touch and no oleophobic coating. 9H Glas Shield Air screen protector is much better than the temered glass in many ways.